This story begins with the rebirth of two passionate designers. After dedicating many years learning the fundamental secrets of Design in a lost cold and dark cave, they decided to unite their skills and rewrite the History in a total symbiosis.

Sounds fake right?

The truth is, we just met during a student party.
After a few beers, we ended up locked up under Namur’s train station. One of us tried to save the other from breaking his neck during a backflip improvisation. We still don't know how we made it out, but we remember that the next morning wasn't a pretty sight.
Now, you know the ugly truth.

Here's the part where we're supposed to talk about our skills with some fancy words just meant to reassure you. But to be honest, we didn't want to be the 9999th agency to do just that. Bullshit marketing isn't our thing. Instead, here are a few hashtags that cover some of our favourite playgrounds
#BrandDevelopment #VisualConcept #UI #UX #Editorial #packagingdesign #ProductDesign #DroneRacing #BeetleFighting #Bookbinding #Photography